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Abbaye de Fontevraud by Patrick Jouin/ Jouin Manku | via

Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manky is a design tandem whose works meet at the crossroads of industrial production and craftsmanship. In all their projects they seek to maintain a balance between innovation and grace. Their latest project is a fine example of this rule. The designers rearranged the interior of an old Saint-Lazare priory to host a hotel and a restaurant. Over the centuries the building had served monks and nuns, been used as a hospice and at one point even a prison. In 1980s it was first transformed into a hotel. The project reinterprets the story of Saint-Lazare for the future. Corresponding with the space which avoids unnecessary stylistic effects, the designers introduced their own pared-down and elegant style. This resulted as a sensual and refined interior of a mystical, ancient monastery.

„We quietly slipped into the Saint-Lazare priory, immersing ourselves in its history and its uniqueness. We tried to capture its essence, from its monastic simplicity to its prison austerity via the wisdom and philosophy of those who built and lived here. Then we had to fine-tune our approach, to give life to a contemporary vision that would respect and preserve the spirit of the building. We didn’t want the visitor to forget where they were. On the contrary, we wanted to assure an intimate experience of the site, allowing the visitor to appropriate fragments of the past in comfort. Achieving this also meant rising to the challenge of the constraints imposed by the building’s classification as an historic monument, notably that we were not permitted to touch the ceilings and the walls. The best approach was to find a way to turn these constraints into opportunities.”

Photography: Nicolas Mathéus

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Gawatt Cups
Backbone Studio has created a series of souvenir cups with altering emotions for the Gawatt take-out coffee-shop.
Check out more images and information here.
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Installation art by SOFTlab

We were excited to combine our exploration of technology and craft with the delicate nature of the We Are Flowers collection by Melissa. Nature often provides inspiration for our work and it has been a great opportunity to use one of nature’s most beautiful elements as a building material. We used over 20,000 translucent flowers to create a large immersive hanging surface in the New York flagship. It is both precisely engineered and yet has the enchantment of a vibrant hanging garden. The surface was designed specifically for the Melissa Gallery in New York. We engineered a Mylar net that is made of over 4,000 unique pieces.”


Mathilde Nivet is a French art director and set designer based in Paris, working for years in the paper field, using it to create elaborated constructions and illustrations.



Malet Thibaut


hexagon wave

visualgraphc: We Sent Their Briefs Back by Jason Fieldgate

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Share House, Japan

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Vegan Big Breakfast Round Up

Big Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Big Breakfast: Tofu Scramble, Baked Beans, Potato Rosti & Balsamic Mushrooms

The Big Vegan Breakfast: Scrambled Tofu, Roasted Potatoes & Fruit (NF)

Best Ever Vegan Full English Breakfast

Truffled Tofu Scramble with Umeboshi, Peas & Onion

Rustic Citrus Carrot Scramble

Fast & Easy Tofu Scramble with Smoky Tempeh Bacon

Easy Like Sunday Morning Big Cooked Breakfast (GF/NF)

Besan Scramble (GF/high protein/SF)

Mushroom Melt Breakfast Sandwich with Sweet Potato Home Fries


Living Willow Structures :: Bonnie Gale


14 structures play with balance for hello wood 2014 in rural hungary
photo © tamás bujnovszky

read about the timber structures here.


Das Kontorhaus Dockland von Bothe Richter Teherani

Hamburg 04/2010